I made this tray to keep things healthy a party the other weekend. I didn’t want it to bring “diet food” that nobody would touch, and I certainly didn’t want to bring a plain old veggie tray that comes from the store with dried out baby carrots and stale broccoli. Instead  I changed things up with different types of veggies, fresh cut from my own kitchen, and a home-made spinach dip made of all-natural and healthy ingredients like Greek yogurt and fresh wilted spinach.

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And here’s a great tip for blending your low-carblifestyle with others who are not following such a strict food plan:  Add a few things THEY will enjoy that you might not choose to have. In this case I added hummus, soft flat bread and seed crackers that also went great with my veggies and spinach dip. It added a lot of variety to the tray that people could get excited about. It was nearly devoured by the end of the night.