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Avocado Turkey Burgers

Avocado Turkey Burgers from Eating Lean and Green

Per serving: 348 calories –  56g protein – 10g carbs – 8g fat Last month I was introduced to the best seasoning compliment for ground turkey: Dry Onion Soup Mix. In the process of experimenting with different recipes and ways to cook up this amazing combination,  Avocado Turkey Burgers emerged. The combination of deliciously seasoned meat with a little extra twist of […]

No-Crust Spinach Scallion Quiche

Spinach Scallion Quiche from Eating Lean and Green

Per serving: 240 calories –  25g protein – 11g fat – 11g carbs Once again,  I am thankful for my circle of friends for inspiring me to create something new in the kitchen. This week marked the end of the school year, so a few us got together for a big brunch while the kids had their last […]

Mocktails for Medifast

Margarita Mocktail from Eating Lean and Green

I couldn’t be more excited to kick off a new series “Mocktails for Medifast” with three new drink recipes for Memorial Day!  They taste great and allow you to celebrate the summer without having to fall off a healthy eating routine. Each drink is alcohol-free, sugar-free, and nearly calorie free with only 5 calories per serving. There are several […]

Healing Immune Power Soup

This is a favorite recipe that I like to use when my diet needs a reset and my body needs some detoxification. After falling into a few bad habits the past few months, I am hitting the books and reminding myself of all the reasons why we need to eat lean and green as often as possible. […]

Beef Tenderloin & Stuffed Mushrooms

Eating Lean and Green: Valentine's Beef Tenderloin

Per serving: 367 Calories – 46g Protein – 4g Net Carbs – 17g Fat –633mg Sodium Instead of going out this year, we’ve decided to stay in and celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. A few years ago Rob and I decided to stop going out for date night and celebrating with our kids instead. Over the years it has become one […]