Eating Lean & Green
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Get inspired with healthy food for a better you and a positive start to the new year ahead.

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Start the new year with a fresh start.

It's 2017. There's no better time to reset your health goals and lose weight.
Experts say that losing weight comes from a balance of 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Choosing lean nourishing foods are a critical part of reaching your goals. This cookbook provides a whole new way to use vegetables and lean proteins to make delicious, restaurant-style meals that taste so good, they may become your new favorites. 

If you've made your way to this website, you are already on your way to making permanent, life-changing choices for yourself and those around you. No matter what eating program you are following, Eating Lean & Green will benefit you. Let's get started! 


Stay Satisfied
These are no ordinary diet foods. You get to enjoy lasagna, enchiladas, burgers, casseroles, steaks, tacos and more.
Lose Weight
Each recipe is made from low-carb vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins that help your body to burn fat.
Love The Food
Cook like you're eating at a restaurant. Enjoy Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, and Greek style meals plus favorite American classics.

What is Eating Lean & Green?

Eating Lean & Green means having meals made of low-carbohydrate vegetables and lean proteins as the main ingredients. They are accompanied with a limited amount of healthy fats, condiments and seasonings to help avoid eating too many sugars and salts.  By doing this, you will maximize your weight loss, decrease your hunger and boost your natural energy. 

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Eating Lean & Green
the eBook

Now you can have over 40 recipes at your fingertips. The eBook gives you complete digital access to the recipes, allowing you to keyword search and interact with the text using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Interact with the recipes in any kitchen, take them to the store for grocery shopping, or make a print copy to keep at home. This will fast become one of your most valuable resources for living a lean healthy lifestyle.

We've done all the work of meal planning so you don't have to! Each recipe has complete nutritional information and suggested serving portions. A brief introduction tells you the unique features of each recipe, and the instructions are easy to follow.  Eating Lean & Green will fast become a natural and easy way to prepare foods, and the meals taste so good that you will enjoy sharing them with others. Now its time to restock that pantry and get ready to cook!


Free recipes cookbook weightloss low-carb lean TSFL Medifast WeightWatchers atkins keto diet food


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Three Helpful Resources

Eating Out Guide
You'll get 30 menu choices at 15 of the nation's top restaurants, including Red Robin, Applebees, iHop, Burger King and McDonald's and more. With this guide, you can enjoy eating out and continue to eat lean and green.
Party Survival Guide
Get a full page of appetizers and foods to share that don't seem like diet food. This guide also gives you some of the most effective steps you can take to mentally stay strong when you go out.
Recipe Builder
This all-inclusive resource gives you the core guidelines for creating your own recipes for eating lean and green, and it has a worksheet you can fill in to create perfectly balanced and healthy recipes with ease.


Free recipes cookbook weightloss low-carb lean TSFL Medifast WeightWatchers atkins keto diet food

A few Testimonials

Dr. Cynthia Ferrier, MD

A true inspiration. For the busy person, whether cooking for one or for a family, these recipes show that lean and green does not have to mean boring or repetitive. More...

Lisa Shepard, Take Shape For Life health coach

Finally... The hard work has been done for my clients and now we now have a great collection of recipes to start exploring the joy of healthy eating from the very beginning of their health program. More...

Teresa Logue, Medifast Participant

Tried and true. I have made many of these recipes and can tell you they offer delicious variety while giving the creative cook confidence they are well within the plan's precise parameters. More...

About The Author

Katie is an active mother, wife, and self taught gourmet cook. Her recipes have pushed the boundaries of the Lean and Green movement to an entirely new level opening the eyes of even the most seasoned dieters.

Katie Marreel

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Whole Enchilada


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Eating Out Guide


Party Survival Guide


Recipe Builder
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